Mama Shelter Business Bay Hotel

Dubai, UAE

Year: in progress
Client: Khamas Group of Investment Co's L.L.C
Services: Facade Design, Design Development, Client Rep
Operator: MAMA Shelter
Floors area: 21.625 sqm
Rooms: 154 guest rooms
Apartments: 187 apartments
Category: 4*
Principal Architect: Barbara Michielutti, Diego Delfino, Josef Kamelger
Team: Giulia D'Alessandro, Isabella Mazzola, Jessica Spinelli, Alessandra Tagliabue, Giorgio Visentin
Consultants: Dynamic Design [local partner]

Mama Shelter Business Bay Hotel & Branded Apartments is an ongoing project by MMA Projects in Dubai, UAE. The client invited our team to be his representative and develop the architectural design of the building's facade. The volume was already built and could not be changed in its shape, so the concept focused on the texture, making it as precious as a jewel, hence the vertical decoration with LEDs that illuminate in spots to emphasize the glitter of a precious stone. At the same time, the low end of the facade was designed with a faceted and reflective motif like a diamond.