MMA Projects

"I am my company,
which is an entity
that goes towards something;
towards a path on which
I'm part of"

Even the name defines its nature: a project!
MMA Projects is an international firm recognized for the excellence of synergies, skills and specializations in architectural and interior design, which promotes the renowned "Made in Italy".

Our studio was founded in 1999 and, over the years, it has become the "melting pot" of creative minds who share the same vision. A multicultural group made up of architects, designers, engineers and researchers who, working in synergy, provide the customers with integrated solutions, ranging from residential, commercial, headquarters and hotels projects.

The different cultural matrices of the MMA Projects team enrich the various projects with unique energies, giving life to situations capable of marrying the diverse needs of international customers. Furthermore, the challenging spirit that has distinguished the firm since its origins has led us to tackle projects that inspire further growth and expansion towards global markets, such as the Middle East and China.

The choice and selection of a consolidated network of Italian professionals with whom the studio interfaces for the development and execution of its projects is based on artisans' reliability and specialization, for high-quality customized products and solutions. In this way, MMA Projects can merge its know-how in design with a whole series of technical skills that cover every phase of the project.


"There is a whole new to generate,
at any time in life, in any field "

Each creation we develop results from a search for shapes and materials, whose practical applications are a vital component of the profession.

MMA Projects is the development of contemporary styles and expressions in which the dialogue between design and scenography, architecture and technology is applied to the context and client's needs to create functional and poetic spaces.

The creative code of the minds that characterize the MMA Projects team is a high visual and aesthetic approach that combines practicality, functionality, precision and "sartorial" attention to detail. All to lead to the pursuit of excellence.

Being part of MMA Projects means having a vocation for beauty, which architecture and interior design allow to create; feel the emotion when the idea takes shape through projects, which increases together with the challenge and enables you to give it all you have got for continuous growth. The vision during the design phase is the basis of achieving the final result: the client's full satisfaction.

Our Team

"You can have people
that work for you
or people who work with you.
Passion and vision
make the difference"

Founder and Partner
Marco Mangili

Partner and Communication Manager
Dorotea De Simone

Partner and Managing Director
Alessandro Vaghi

Personal Assistant
Ilaria Giannino

Project Manager
Diego Delfino, Josef Christian Kamelger, Riccardo Papa, Giorgio Visentin

Project Coordinator
Ulises Fossat, Alessandra Garrubba, Isabella Mazzola, Valeria Polverino, Shrey Upadhyaya

BIM Specialist
Matteo Leuce, Khashayar Shahani

Senior Architect
Michele Deregibus, Fernanda Longoni, Ammad Munir, Nora Tagliabue, Chiara Auletta

Carmen Bonilla, Mohammad Kazerani, Federica Mazzola, Anjali Sasidharan Panicker, Federica Varenna, Marco Mellina, Krutika Kulkarni, Amir Rashgi, Hiba Hamid Hashmi, Mojtaba Hassani, Vincenzo Sanchirico

Junior Architect
Ludovica Bachmann, Soheil Fakhri, Yasaman Nafezi, Giset Paez, Vidhya Raju, Sara Sadeghian, Giorgia Galli, Alireza Hemmati, Hiba Hamid Hashmi

Architect & 3D Artist
Giuseppe Volanti

Interior Designer
Alice Borroni

Junior Interior Designer
Sara Bison, Yanira De Mori