House BQ

Brianza, Italy

Year: 2021
Client: Confidential
Contractor: NICOLI Srl
Services: Concept, Progettazione architettonica, interior design, BOQ, Direzione Lavori e Direzione Artisctica
Principal Architect: Alessandro Vaghi
Team: Alessandro Vaghi, Alice Borroni
Consultants: Dorotea De Simone [set designer], Francesco Nesa s.n.c., Telmotor Lighting
Floors Area: 105 sqm
Photographer: Alessandro Vaglietti

House BQ is a private house renovation project in Brianza that finds its origins in enhancing and conjugating oriental objects collected by the client over the years, with distinctive pre-existing structural elements. This harmonious union becomes the driving factor of the entire design experience

A kind of exhibition space to admire oriental and contemporary art pieces that come back on the scene in everyday life.